If you have played trombone for a while and are responsible with its maintenance, there is another way to keep your slide lubricated. This would be the preferred method, as it costs less money and works much better than oil. Please ask Mr. Mann about this procedure before you try.

You must have a tube of Slide Cream (a) a Spray Bottle (b) and a Shop Rag (c)
Remove the outer slide section and use the rag to wipe off old oil and other buildup on the two inner slide arms with the shop rag. Inspect the finish of the inner slide section for corrosion and/or dents. If there is any serious damage you should schedule a repair as soon as possible.
Apply a small amount of slide cream to your finger tips and smear it up and down the inner slide arms. Keep working it around until you cannot see any excess cream. 3.
Place the outer section back onto the inner slide arms. Be careful! The outer slide section must go on straight to avoid bending the tubing. The water key on the outer section should be on the opposite arm of the slide lock on the inner section.

5. With the slide fully extended, mist both inner slide arms with water from the spray bottle.Work the slide up and down.

Slide cream only needs to be applied about once per month of consistent playing. The water from the spray bottle beads on top of the cream and acts as the lubricant. Because water disappears faster than oil, you will need your spray bottle in rehearsals to reapply as needed. You will find your slide runs much smoother on the water, but will need extra care. Do not spray the water on anything but your slide or its back to the bottle of slide oil for you!